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Chris Boyd



My ceramics education began with an inspiring high school teacher who entered one of my pieces in the State Fair. That encouraging act sent me on a path as an art major at California State University, San Jose, where I studied under the late Herbert Sanders.


A trip to Japan and Korea in the 1970s opened up a passion for clean form, function and an appreciation for the evolution of ceramic art of the East. My work is influenced by the Japanese aesthetic principle called wabi-sabi, which is closely linked to Zen. Wabi means simple, non-materialistic and humble by choice—in tune with nature—and sabi is a profound acceptance and appreciation of natural cycles and authentic processes.

 For over 40 years I have enjoyed experimenting with the mysteries of heat action on earth elements of clay and glass.  My work is durable for daily use indoors and outdoors. Each piece is one-of-a-kind. I create my own glazes; testing and refining them in my studio. All glazes are lead-free and safe for table and dinner ware.


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