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Woman and Fox,
a Journey

Paintings by Teri Sloat
May 30 - July 30

Reception Saturday, June 25 4-6pm
150N Main St, Sebastopol, CA

My series, Woman and Fox, A Journey, has really been a journey in painting my own feelings of connectedness, contentment, sometimes flightiness, and those wonderful moments of peace in this chaotic world. 


The inner part of me is the fox, and, in different forms, the woman is who I am and how I feel.  The fox is always there, leading, waiting, reminding me of the importance of stories and dreams and our complete connection to the natural world.  There are now twelve paintings in the series, and more to come as my own journey continues.  I hope that these paintings resonate with others who are aware of how fortunate we are to have an inner guide.


I work with pastels, thick layers that are either brushed together with alcohol for rich undertones and texture. Soft pastel with its pure pigment is added to the undertones.  I also use gesso with pumice and a palette knife to blend layers together and unexpected pigment that often looks luminous.  


I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Teri Sloat

Michelle brings a  microphotographic view of her lapidary work to the gallery.

Michelle Hoting

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