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Ceramics - Chris Boyd
Paintings - Paula Matzinger 
December 4th 2023 - February 3rd 2024
Reception December 9th 4-6pm
150 N Main St, Sebastopol, CA

Water, the current featured show at Sebastopol Gallery, is shared by Sonoma County artists Chris Boyd, ceramicist, and Paula Matzinger, expressionist painter, and encompasses a selection of their current and past works.


From small mountain stream to the Pacific Ocean, Paula Matzinger is drawn to water. Whether reflections of light and color in a small pond, the pattern of waves and foam on a beach, or the glistening paths winding through a marsh, water finds its way into many of Paula’s compositions. 


Chris Boyd, longtime ceramic artist and teacher, can often be seen at the coast collecting seaweed to pit fire her thrown vessels and sculptures.  She also incorporates dried cow dung, saw dust and many other natural materials like orange peels, banana peels and walnut shells to create the color patterns and smokey appearance absorbed into the clay during the ancient in-ground firing process. Our tides and rivers are reflected in the swirling appearance left by the fire. 


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