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Katy Boggs


Katy Boggs

“I paint because it’s a passion, a need and a devotion.”


Katy Boggs' plein air and studio paintings reflect her dedication to preserving and sharing the natural beauty of Sonoma County in a genuine manner. Her art serves as a bridge between the viewer and the captivating landscapes and seascapes of the region, conveyingthe ever-changing light, colors, and atmosphere of this captivating region.One of her joys of painting lays is her portrayal of seascapes, where she strives to capture the dynamic qualities of the Pacific Ocean. Whether conveying the tranquility of gentle waves or the drama of crashing surf, her work transports viewers to the coastal landscapes of Northern Californiain an authentic way.Her work is a testament to her dedication to conveying the ever-changing, natural drama of cloudscapes in the Sonoma skies. Through her art, she offers viewers a genuine connection to the captivating sky scapes that grace this picturesque region.With a devotion to realism and a touch of impressionism, she leaves a lasting legacy that connects people to the wonders of Sonoma County's coastal landscapes.


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