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James R Reynolds



I absolutely love to paint. There is no greater challenge in my life and no greater satisfaction. Creating a piece of art is a fascinating puzzle to solve intellectually, but we artists are also called upon to integrate our most profound emotional and spiritual responses into the work.

I have come to believe that artists provide an important role in awakening a sense of appreciation, not simply of beauty, but of the fragile nature of this fabulous landscape. It is easy to feel depressed and overwhelmed about the direction our species has taken, and being lectured about the need for change rarely inspires us to act. But if our hearts are touched by poetry, if we can connect with a deep sense of the perfection that is the Earth, and the tragedy of its loss, perhaps we will begin to act with greater care and wisdom. A new painting emerges on my easel - a prayer going out into the universe, my song of joy and hope. 

JamesLaguna, Summer Colors  Intensified copy 2.jpeg

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