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Michelle Hoting



With her love of the outdoors it is only fitting that jewelry artist Michelle Hoting’s designs are a direct reflection of nature.  Her pieces reveal the beauty of the earth that created the materials she uses.  Her work incorporates metalsmithing and lapidary (stone cutting) techniques utilizing silver, copper, stone, flora and antique finds. 


“When I work with these materials I’m interested in how to integrate the natural world into a wearable piece of art; creating a marriage of form and function. I seek to remind the wearer of the beauty of nature.”

Along with her Lost Leaf Casting, Hoting works with stones, antique pieces, and traditional jewelry. Her career in jewelry has spanned 29 years and includes positions as jeweler for Cartier, manager at Bulgari, and manager of Past Era Antique Jewelry as well as the director of the repairs department. 


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