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Paula Matzinger



Brightly hued California landscapes are a favorite subject of mine, reminiscent of my grandfather’s early California Plein Air paintings.  I paint in oils when outside, enjoying the Sonoma County countryside. I also use acrylics in my studio, painting from digital photos.

My mother’s artwork also influences my landscape, portrait, figure and still-lifes. I share her desire to paint everyday objects, and the people, animals and landscapes that spark my emotional or aesthetic interest. Like her, I prefer a loose, impressionistic style.

I sometimes wander into abstraction, influenced by contemporary and abstract painting studies at UC Berkeley.  Perspective is often a strong element in my compositions, reflecting my past experience in architecture and graphics.

I constantly experiment and learn as I paint. Each new painting I start seems to emerge, as if on its own.  I am often surprised by what happens on the canvas in front of me. 


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