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Jean Salatino and Steven Gandolfo

Glass Artists

A husband and wife team who create stunning hand carved glass vessels. Steven creates the original shape while the glass is molten. Jean then carves the glass using a series of diamond wheels. She carves deeply into the glass, forming facets and planes that convey her personal vision. Drawing inspiration from the organic forms of nature, their work is suggestive of leaves, seedpods, shells and flowers. Each piece is meticulously carved, revealing the brilliance of the glass and celebrating its relationship to light.


Both Steve and Jean were awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from The California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, Ca. Jean has also worked and studied at the Pilchuck Glass School, and in 2001 received the prestigious Pilchuck Centerpiece Design Award, which is associated with their Annual Gala Auction.


They say of their work, “Our work marries ancient glass making with modern technology. We use patterns in nature as inspiration. By cutting planes and facets on the surface of the vessels light is captured creating a glow from within.”

Steve and Jean have been working together for over twenty years.Their home and studio is located in Sonoma county where they live with their young daughter Sofia

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