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Teri Sloat



Teri Sloat taught for several years in the bush in Alaska, then helped create children’s literature and curriculum with Alaska’s native peoples. This started her career in writing and illustrating trade books for children--twenty-some so far. Now she tells stories as wall pieces, using a variety of mediums. She finds that people are hungry for folklore told through images.

Teri enjoys speaking to artists and writers of all ages, from local groups to international audiences. I feel our jobs as artists is to encourage the imagination of everyone. Most of my talks are on the importance of telling our own stories.

Teri studied at Oregon State and Sonoma State Universities. Her clients include Dutton, Putnam, Simon & Schuster, Sesame Street, Children’s Television Workshop, and International Reading Association. Her galleries include L’Attitude (Boston) and Stephans Fine Arts (Anchorage).
Landscape is Teri’s new passion: I am a plein air painter and have painted from the Rockies west. I am in love with the hills we live in, from pasture to sea. You will find me parked somewhere, on a narrow road or someone’s ranch, painting, with gratitude, once or twice a week.

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